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  The mission of MATESAN is to achieve and maintain high quality in production. One of the major areas we service is flexographic printing machines. We closely follow new technologies in the field and we care about customers’ needs and requirements during the design.
  We produce different types of machines (e.g., tower-type, drum-type) in different sizes and we begin to work on new methods called as Gearless Technology. In such technology gears are not used but servo motors directly stimulate anilox roll, plate cylinder and impression cylinder. Thus, the movement of each roll can be controlled separately.
  Furthermore, it provides opportunities to print in different sizes in a single vessel. The short-term cost is higher than other applications but it enables customers to save time and reduce the cost of the vessels.
  We address our customers’ requests for the machines equipped with new technologies and yield high performance. When the customers ask for simple machines that have low cost and low performance, we also take in consideration of their demands and produce such machines.



  CS-45080 is a computer guided flexographic printing machine which has a user-friendly interface and maintenance facilitates for the users with its special design. Well qualified technicians and experts having more than 20 years experience in the field have worked in the production of the printer. All materials used for the production have high quality.

  The machine can print on 800mm width materials such as (PP/HDPE/LDPE/BOPP) polyethylene films, polypropylene films, laminated products, PVC, paper and gelatin. It can print in different formats such as ( 4+0, 3+1, 2+2 ) and its printing speed is 150 m/min.

  The body of the printer is made of 50mm thickness steel and the slide mechanism for rollers is made up tempered steel with quality of 1.2714 and 1.2738. Thin screw are used in the slide mechanism to enable users to make sensitive adjustments easily.

  The body of blades is made of aluminum (6000 series) and Doctor Blade system is used in the inking unit. This system enables a decrease in the contact of air with the material and use of ceramic anilox rolls enables saving the ink up to 25%. The 100 L/cm ceramic anilox rolls (trademark: Apex, Netherlands) can move freely by the help of the hydraulic motor.

  Detached air pumps (pneumatics) are used to transfer ink more safely. It is a close system which enables adjustment of the viscosity. Thus, shading problems are decreased and the quality of press is increased.

  The European standards are used for the design of the electronic system. The power of the system (including the dryer unit) is 52 kW. The power of the central dryer unit is 32 kW. It is a three-level system with electronic thermostat and resistance unit. Thus, the temperature can be adjusted to any degree for the injection. The aspiration system facilitates the process of throwing out volatile substances such as solvent and alcohol from the printing environment.

  The hydraulic system consists of Hema (trademark) gear pumps, Sauer-Danfoss (trademark) hydraulic motor, distributor and special type of cylinders.

  The rolls are stimulated by servo motors (trademark: Lenze, Germany) having power of 1.8 kW and reduction units.

  There are double wrapping and unbinding rolls such that pneumatic axles are used for automatic rolling system and chromium-plated pins are used for mechanic rolling system.

  In the rolling system a tension control unit (trademark: Re, Italy) and magnetic brake is used. An automatic adjustment for the tension can be done by Loadcell and tension control unit. The system stops the printing automatically when the film tears during the press.

  There are 4 control panels placed around the printer to enable easy and fast control. Furthermore, the touch-screen could be used for several purposes such as adjusting printing press speed, color management, stopping printing manually, changing the direction of printing.

An edge control system, camera system, winch unit and extra rollings are optional.

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